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Since 1979 we have been involved in the Public Safety Market. Two members of the staff are FCC Licensed technicians with over 70 years combined experience in electronics.

The owners of American Communications started when tubes were still widely in use. Things were considerably more difficult back then.  It's been an exciting time with the advent of all of the new technologies that have developed. Problems are much easier to address and we don't get shocked.

The company started as a typical two-way radio shop installing radios into cabs, trucks and public safety equipment. We began to realize that the public safety market was in need of better installation procedures. We soon began specializing in this marked while expanding our efforts to full installation of everything found on or in an emergency response vehicle. 

This led to further expansion into Dispatch Center Console equipment.  Dennis Webb developed his expertise to the point that manufactures started seeking him out to resolve problems where others had given up or simply couldn't make it work. He is now the Guru of consoles and dispatch center equipment.  His first choice is Modular Communications Equipment because they have more capabilities that any console found on the market for the price.

Later we again expanded our markets to include Outdoor Warning Systems.  Robert (Bob) Parsons got serious about the Outdoor Warning industry about 25 years ago. He spent much time applying his engineering background to the industry. He developed special tools unique to American Communications for changing out those difficult speakers in some sirens safely and without dismantling the head.

Problem solving is what is needed in this industry. We are dedicated to making your job easier. We have designed numerous electronic circuits to fit requirements of varying projects. Our circuits are found in the Fire Fighting Industry, in military applications from CONUS to Japan, Outdoor warning systems and Dispatch Centers.

We have written dedicated software for programming Whelen outdoor warning products when there was nothing other than very tedious programming by dumb terminal emulation available. We are always developing new ideas and engineering circuits to address those new ideas. 

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