Quality counts, emergency response vehicles are not driven like the family car.  They jump curbs, make high speed maneuvers, go places where you wouldnít take a family car and are much more likely to be involved in accidents. 

Connections break when unseen wiring is sloppy  and equipment fails when you need it the most.  In an accident you donít want things coming loose and flying around. You donít need equipment mounted in areas that can cause injury to the driver or passengers, such as leg areas.

These things need to be considered when outfitting an emergency response vehicle. If the outfitter just simply adds equipment without considering these factors problems will occur even when you are just driving the vehicle.  In an accident the driver and passengers are exposed to additional risk.

Click here to  see examples of vehicles brought to us for correction of problems caused by others.
Installation of:
Light Bars
Gun Racks
Prisoner Partitions
Prisoner Seats
Push Bumpers
Brush Guards
In-car camera systems
and the list goes on

If it didn't come from
the factory We'll put
it on or in.
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