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In FEMA Fiscal Year 2003 Appropriations Bill, House Report 107-740 directed FEMA to update the old CPG-1-17 Guideline. This publication was released in 2006. It provides a much better treatment of the things that affect sound propagation.  Hills, terrain, foliage, wind, humidity, structures and just about everything else that affects Sound Propagation.  

Reading and studying this publication will address these issues and prepare you for the ultimate goal, that being an EFFECTIVE warning system. Armed with this knowledge you can establish YOUR requirements.  Establish your desires. Do you want Voice capabilities, battery operation or backup, solar power and/or two-way diagnostics?  Do you want to be able to test the system without disturbing the public? Once you have determined what you want in a siren system THEN establish your requirements based want you want AND on SOUND and distances needed.  You must insure that the sirens are rated in accordance with a called for specification in the Guidelines (thatís critical). Tell us what you want and your requirements and then let us give you our solutions.  It's your system, best for you to control the process not a vendor

This treatment of educational information is presented by Bob Parsons of American Communications.  All information is strictly in accordance with his beliefs, ethics and moral standards.
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