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Siren prices run the gambit because it depends on your needs and desires. What type of siren, what type of installation pole, wood, metal or concrete all have an effect on pricing.  There are a lot of ways to look at pricing. If you look at pricing alone you donít get the real picture. For example we took each of the above 10 models and computed the typical installed price for each model.
We then took each siren and computed the area of coverage in acres that have at least 70-dB or greater SPL coverage.  If you donít know that that means check the education tab on the previous page.  We then took the price for the model and divided it by the number of acres of coverage of 70-dB or greater to determine how much it cost per acre to install a typical sirens onto a wood utility pole. Even we were surprised at the results.  The following is the results of this study.
These figures are based on a single model WPS2900 series omni-directional siren with radio control, AC power and wood utility pole.  As you can see the siren with the lowest total installed cost actually is considerably more expensive than larger sirens when you consider the area that the sirens cover.

A rotating siren such as the VORTEXR4 shown below has the same range as the WPS2910.  The total cost for an installed VORTEXR4 is $20,776.04 based on the above criteria. When you do the math the cost per acre is only $7.75 for this siren.