The VA2000 programming software is used to program all parameters of the Whelen VA2000 dedicated receiver. It formats the messages for you. It easily associates the message with a command. Designed to be user friendly it walks you through each step progressing to the point of writing the message to a file or programming the VA2000 directly 
The E969 programming software allows computer programming of the Whelen one-way E969 encoder. Labels can be added to the Call Keys and home screen. Labels can only be added to the E969 via computer programming. Computer programming for the E969 is no longer addressed in the manual. This program makes it simple. Programming of the additional 4 Call Keys can easily be addressed by the program.  Using Call Keys 5 through 8 makes programming multiple commands for the Remote Inputs possible by using a Remote Input to access one of the additional call keys.  The program can also read out the programming of the call keys and display all of the sequences.
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